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He was a huge contribution to the project. Totally dedicated, well skilled and upbeat throughout.
Hadi Hajaig | Film Director
I’ve hired Moncho on a variety of projects including Feature Films, TV Shows and Adverts and he has been a pleasure to work with every time. He’s highly professional and hard working whilst at the same time being very personable with the cast and crew. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to any future employers.
David Sumnall | MD at Middlechild Productions | www.middlechild.tv
Moncho is an inspired cameraman with an excellent eye. His shots are beautiful, and they greatly enhanced our ability to tell a story.
Elspeth Waldie | MD at Purple Field Productions | www.purplefieldproductions.org
Moncho brings with him bags of energy, enthusiasm and practical experience that allows him to produce great shots even when resources are limited and working conditions are difficult. He loves and understands people and this shows in his camerawork. He’s a brilliant team member and always a good source of technical and artistic knowledge for a Director to work with.
Colin Stevens | Director at Theatricx | www.theatricx.co.uk
Moncho is a gifted lighting cameraman who brings his experience and enthusiasm to every project and always gives his all to ensure the shoot is as good as it can be.
Peter Middleton | MD at Online TV Group | www.onlinetvgroup.com
Moncho has worked for us on a number of projects for some of our important business clients such as BP, Oracle and National Grid. He is a skilled and highly motivated cameraman, who exemplifies the concept of ‘added value’ – he’s always looking to make things as good as they can be, he works equally well alone or as part of a team… and his famous Accessories Bag has proved invaluable on a couple of occasions, when we’ve been out in the field and needed an extra toplight or shoulder support. I recommend him to you.
Mike Sedgwick  | MD at Atticus Finch | www.atticusfinch.tv