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‘Mawa Langa’

Roles: Director of Photography and  Assistant Producer

Award winner Best Drama at Picture this..-International disability film festival. Calgary, Canada. ptff.org/
A film produced by Purple Field Productions

Watch Mawa Langa (My Tomorrow) on YouTube

purplefieldproductions.org/ in conjunction with Temwa and the Malawi-based NGO Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO).

Mawa Langa was specially created for children in Malawi. In a country with only a 1% prevalence rate of HIV amongst children aged 5-12, this age group has been called a ‘window of hope’. If these children can be taught how to protect themselves against HIV & AIDS before they reach puberty, the result could be a dramatic overall reduction in the prevalence of the disease. With this aim in view, plans have been made to tour the film all over the country.